Shiprock - Child Left Behind

June 28, 12:47 am. Infant in Shiprock. Maria responded. Reported a lost 3-year-old near Shiprock. Maria was the only member from ASAR and SFSAR responding. Mother, 2 kids went off roading at night. Drugs and alcohol were reported to be involved. Their truck became high centered, stuck. The three spent the night in the stuck truck. IN the morning, the mother decided to walk out at ~10am. The mother left kids with stranger when the children became tired from walking. Conflicting stories were reported from subjects.  3-month-old was found sunburned and dehydrated but otherwise ok. 21-month-old found deceased. Large response from the BIA. Great interagency cooperation. BIA, SAR, SP, etc. Lots of community involvement. 20 people on a team for ~0.25mile long line line search. Maria acted as coms. High temperatures during midday. Line search was conducted 3.5-mile one way, turned back.  One searcher became ill from the heat and was taken back by BIA vehicle. Navajo horse team found subject ~.5 mile from the stock tank where the male subject had left the child. The man (stranger) is now in jail possibly with the mother. Overall the mission was well run with great cooroporation and community involvement. State police used a night vision drone the night before. 530 miles round trip.  Maria had trained with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and notes that they are a fantastic team to work with.