Two Lost Female Hikers, East of Atalaya Mtn.

Two Lost Female Hikers, East of Atalaya Mtn.

Bill Donahue received a call from IC Al Webster, who had gotten a "disconnected" message when he called the DO number.

Two missing female hikers, in their 60s, who had left about 0730 in the morning of 7/13 to climb Atalaya and Picacho. They were lost, but were able to call the husband of one of the hikers to report their predicament. Main problem aside from being lost was that they were out of water and thirsty. Approximate coordinates were provided by a "ping" as being east of the saddle behind (east of) Atalaya. Subjects had been told to hold their location and wait for help.

Bill called the DO (Justin C.) and reported the phone problem. Justin did the call out and meanwhile Bill grabbed gear and water and went to IB, which was at the St. John's trailhead parking. Alonzo was also preparing to come out, but could not be there until 1630.

Bill consulted with Plans about trails and routes. Because of Bill's knowledge of the area, he was asked to lead the first team. Others on the team were Rick Allen, Joe Kohn, and two other SFSAR members (Chris and Jim). Meanwhile, through a neat trick using an app called "findmesar," IC had obtained better coordinates, which placed the subjects farther south, just west of the ridge leading to Cerro Pelado. 

Team 1 left IB at about 1610, made voice contact with subjects about 1810, and made the find at about 1830, within a few meters of the reported coordinates. Subjects hungry and thirsty but otherwise in good condition, so after 20-30 minutes of nutrition and hydration, Team 1 escorted the subjects out, reversing their access route (since the return was mostly level or downhill). 

Meanwhile, Alonzo had been sent out as a team of one (Team 2) to bring first aid supplies, which Team 1 in their haste had not brought (other than personal kits). He took a different route which took him up Picacho. When subjects were found and reported in good condition, Team 2 was recalled to base.

Team 1 arrived at IB at about 2030. Team 2 reported that he was about 10 minutes from the trailhead at 2040; however, contact with him was then lost and he became the subject of a separate search (see the next mission report).

Because one team was still in the field, the mission was not terminated until 2320, after Alonzo returned.