Holiday Mesa Incident

Token Adams, the engine captain on a Jemez Ranger District engine has been missing since friday August 30th. The last communication from Token was received on Friday afternoon from Holiday Mesa. He and other firefighters from the Ranger District were responding to a smoke report and searching for the 25-acre School House Fire located near School House Mesa. Despite the NM Search and Rescue grid pattern being used by the professional and dedicated personnel on the incident, search efforts have not been successful. Personnel are using GPS as part of this grid pattern and are being asked to report their locations hourly. Searchers will focus today on determining that certain areas have been fully searched. The Southwest Incident Management Type 1 Team, Incident Commander Joe Reinarz, has assumed command of search efforts as part of a unified command along with multiple Federal, State, County and local agencies. Update: Token Adams was found deceased at 11.45am, Friday Sept. 6th on Stable Mesa. Cause of death was ATV vehicular accident.