New Member Info

ATALAYA SEARCH & RESCUE welcomes new members to our team!

Our meetings are held every other Wednesday at St. John's College (ESL 111 PDF campus map, ESL 111 is in building 8) at 6:30 pm. St. John's College is located at 1160 Camino De Cruz Blanca, Santa Fe, NM.


What exactly do we do? We perform rescues in forests, mountains and deserts, on the snow or rock, day or night. Our responders are highly trained in ground search, medical care, communication, and technical rope rescue.

We welcome people with backcountry experience; however, no experience is required to join our team, just some enthusiasm, a flexible schedule, and a basic level of commitment. New members to our team will be assigned a mentor who can show you the ropes and help you obtain all of the necessary gear and information. If you don’t already know someone on the team, John Becker is the point of contact for new members, and will act as your mentor. You can contact John by email:

We look forward to meeting you!

John Becker
President of Atalaya Search and Rescue

2019-2020 Board Members
John Becker, President
Aaron Lovato, Vice-President
Ben Yeamans, Secretary
Aimee Adamek, Treasurer
Rick Allen, Gear Officer
Kevin Schmittle, Training Officer

Active Member Qualifications

The following is what is required in order to become an Active Team Member on Atalaya Search and Rescue.

  • You must have completed an Application Form.
  • Have attended four total weekend trainings
  • Have attended five total team meetings
  • Have passed a Qualification Hike
  • Have passed ICS 100 and 200 tests
  • Have passed a New Mexico Field Certification Test. For more information and specific test details please visit New Mexico SAR Council Website. (May be an internal test officiated by Atalaya SAR, provided that an official state test is passed within one year.)
  • Current CPR/BLS or higher within 1 year.
  • Voted to active status by ⅔ majority of current voting-eligible members at a team meeting, with at least two of those voting being board members